Internal Communications

NAO intranet, December 2019

Co-operation and collaboration are the bedrock of any successful organisation, but without effective communication neither of them can exist. That simple fact drives our work on the Internal Communications team.

We work closely with the Leadership Team to keep you informed about the NAO's strategy and key business priorities and make sure you're aware of the corporate requirements you're expected to fulfil.

From key campaign news to corporate event updates to day-to-day announcements on Merlin, we use traditional and digital media to communicate every aspect of the organisation's business to you so you're always up to date and in the know.

We'll help you develop and distribute communications for officewide campaigns and advise you on smaller internal projects.

Our remit includes intranet announcements, posters, internal newsletters, whole office emails and Leadership communications.

Contact us now for advice about the best ways to structure and target your message and monitor its effectiveness.